Building leaders who influence using evidence-based coaching skills

Whether you realize it or not, you are a leader. Every day, you shape the lives of others. Whether at work, in your community, or your home, you have influence. That's no small thing. Your influence has real power.

How do you wish to use your influence?

To connect more deeply with others?

To help your direct reports become top performers?

To foster better communication in your organization?

To help your children develop self-confidence?

If you're like most people, the question makes you a bit nervous. You may wonder what kind of impact your influence is having. Are you smothering others' potential or helping them access their limitless capacity?

The Elevated Coaching Academy exists to provide leaders like you with the knowledge and skills to impact lives for the better.

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What is coaching?

Many people confuse coaching with therapy, consulting, or mentoring. Although coaching can provide many of the same benefits, the primary role of a coach is to help the client find answers within themselves. The coaching process helps clients identify thought and behavior patterns and see new choices and possibilities.

I want to build a career in coaching

Coaching can be a lucrative and fulfilling career. You will help individuals discover their potential and take action toward their goals. You will enable your clients to achieve results beyond what they can do independently.

The Elevated Coaching Academy will equip you with the following:

Evidence-based coaching curriculum that aligns with ICF standards

Skills training and practical experience

Opportunities to coach within Elevated Worldwide

Guidance on how to build a coaching practice and attract clients

I'm not sure I want a career in coaching

The knowledge and skills gained through the coaching program will impact every aspect of your life. You will see others with more clarity, connect more deeply, and lead with greater confidence.

The Elevated Coaching Academy will enable you to:

Listen openly and without agenda

Ask powerful questions to create awareness and clarity

Understand and foster change in yourself and others

Build a coaching career if you decide to do so

About the Elevated Coaching Academy

The Elevated Coaching Academy is a rigorous program based on globally recognized coaching competencies. The Academy frequently launches new student cohorts, consisting of 10-20 students who participate in live group training and practice.


The program consists of the following elements

Weekly group training from a credentialed coach instructor

Peer coaching with fellow participants

Mentor coaching from credentialed mentor coaches

Training in professional coaching curriculum and Elevated Worldwide philosophies

Performance evaluation for certification

The Elevated Coaching Academy is a professional coach certification program. The program takes place in Utah, in English, and provides a total of 140 training hours.
Our next cohort starts in August 2023, so don't hesitate reaching out if you're interested.

Program Instructor

Diana Groesbeck, Director of Education

Diana Groesbeck, PCC

Director of Education

Program Instructor

Mark Schall, Lead Trainer

Mark Schall, MCC

Lead Trainer

What the Graduates are saying...

Derek, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate

"To anyone considering the training, I'd stay stop considering it and jump! It will be well worth the time and money invested. When I first joined the program, I felt sure I wanted full-time coaching to be the next step in my career and wanted to prepare.

However, the training has allowed me to show up more powerfully in every aspect of my life. I'm better at my current job. I'm a better husband, father, and friend because I have learned to build trust, create space for vulnerability, and ask empowering questions. Even if I did not want to become a coach, the training has truly helped me live my life in a more powerful, intentional way. Because of the training, I see the people around me more clearly and with greater compassion. I am more confident in my ability to help others with their struggles and have greater clarity around my own struggles.

I now feel confident in my ability to have an impact as a professional coach, something I struggled with prior to the training."


Derek, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate
Nicole, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate

"After 6 years of coaching and courses, this training has increased my coaching skills more than anything else!

If you want to be an amazing leader or coach, this training is essential. To truly listen to others and ask powerful questions to help others WANT to grow and change!

I learned how to truly and deeply connect with others, create a safe environment to allow others to create solutions and take action! I learned how to ask powerful questions that lead to growth and not lead coaching clients to my answer but rather to help them find the answer inside of them."


Nicole, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate
Andy, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate

"By going through this training I have grown personally and feel I am prepared to be a true coach and take on clients.

The understanding of the role of coaching and how to ask the right questions and observe and notice the clients answers, tone, body language, facial expressions, words, while recognizing cognitive distortions has really helped me serve others better.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to be a coach to go through this program with Elevated Academy. The environment is informative and fun. I feel confident and competent with what Diana has taught. The camaraderie she has created with our group is also awesome."


Andy, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate
Sylvia, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate

"I've gotten amazing compliments for my coaching skills. This training has given me opportunities to grow as a person and as a coach. My self confidence is much higher than before.

I have gotten some amazing clients and my other business is growing because of it. I learned how to effectively coach people using tools to help people learn to trust themselves to know that they have their answers inside of them."


Sylvia, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate
Shannon, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate

"The Academy gave me a voice, and allowed me the confidence to show up in my power. I’m truly listening and communicating so much better in all areas of my life. I’ve gained skills that have allowed me to help others let their light shine and recognize they have options.

The academy helped me to change for the better, showing up using my talents and gifts with confidence. The skills you learn from here will not only help you in business but in all of your relationships."


Shannon, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate
Lindsay Gledhill, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate

"The coach training program was way more than I had expected. The information that was learned and practiced with all in the group was invaluable. The information that is presented in this program will help me in so many ways, not only with coaching but in life itself.

What this has given me is an awareness of how asking deeper questions, and pausing longer after the questions, will result in deeper thoughts and answers in life and how to get the results I desire. This is an AMAZING program and if you have a desire to coach others, even family members and yourself, this program will help all involved achieve so much more out of life.

The program was taught by Diana, but the learning came from each individual in the group. So much great information to up-level my life and then be able to use it to help others do the same!"


Lindsay Gledhill, Elevated Coaching Academy Graduate
Team working together, raising their hands together.

Join the Elevated Coaching Academy

In joining the Academy, you are beginning a journey that will be challenging, inspiring, and rewarding.

We are currently accepting applicants for our next cohort, launching in August 2023. If you would like to apply, fill out the following application. We will contact you shortly to discuss your application and the next steps.

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